Drain Camera Inspection

  • A CCTV drain camera inspection is used in the event of continuously blocked drains to find, locate and identify drain obstructions.
  • Due to back falling waste pipes, wastewater attempts to flow uphill. This means that wastewater does not drain away properly and some water remains in the pipe. A combination of scale build-up and slurry reduces proper drainage which may require high-pressure drain jetting to clear the blockage. 
  • The Monster Drain Camera is extremely useful for contractors who want to inspect newly installed pipe systems before concreting around pipes.
  • The drain camera inspection service is available to other Maintenance Plumbers who require drain camera inspections in order to repair pipes or drains for their clients effectively.
  • We provide you with a live drain camera inspection feed and a detailed written report on the cause of the obstruction and distance to the problem area. This reduces damage to your plumbing structures and finishes surrounding the problem area of the pipe.
  • Attention can be paid to the problem area only and not to the entire drain. Thus saving money with minimal damage incurred.

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